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New Hozelock Easy Drip Watering System

New Hozelock Easy Drip Watering System

New Hozelock Easy Drip Watering System

Hozelock – Britain’s leading watering experts – will be launching their NEW Easy Drip watering system in early 2016 with complete kits starting from £32.99 (RRP). Promised to be blissfully easy to understand, install and have complete compatibility with other systems makes this product something to look forward to. Use in conjunction with one of Hozelock's new water timers for automated watering, allowing you to save time and safeguard your plants health when on holiday. Let us dive in and have a deeper look at this new range.

EasyDrip Universal Dripper - RRP £11.99

The New innovative EasyDrip Universal Drippers are great for use in vegetable patches and borders. With adjustable flow, gardeners can set each dripper to match their exact needs. Easily adaptable, these drippers can be easily fitted, repositioned and angled without the need to cut the hose. Supplied in packs of 5's and 10's, these will be a great addition to any garden.

Hozelock EasyDrip Universal Dripper Hozelock EasyDrip Universal Dripper

EasyDrip Micro Dripper - RRP £6.99

The New EasyDrip Micro Drippers are designed with potted plants in mind. Also adjustable, these are ideal for watering single plants and can be adjusted to meet watering requirements. Use in conjunction with micro supply pipe for ultimate flexibility. Easily position and reposition with the use of a pipe stake to ensure water is delivered accurately. Supplied in packs of 5's and 10's.

Hozelock Micro Dripper in Pot Hozelock Micro Dripper

New EasyDrip Irrigation Fittings

The New EasyDrip irrigation fittings are designed to be compatible with other brands, making it easy to extend current watering systems. With an extensive choice of irrigation fittings, it is easy enough to navigate a network of supply pipe around the garden to the areas requiring watering. The EasyDrip range of irrigation fittings has the added benefit of using compression nuts to lock tight the connection to the pipe.

Hozelock Pressure Reducer - RRP £17.99

Hozelock Pressure Reducer Hozelock Pressure Reducer

Hozelock Universal Sealing Clip - £5.09 (5 pack)

Hozelock Sealing Clip Hozeock Sealing Clips

Hozelock Adaptor Nut - RRP £5.09 (5 pack)

Hozelock Adaptor Nut Hozelock Adaptor Nut

Hozelock Universal Pipe Peg - RRP £7.59 (5 pack)

Hozelock Universal Pipe Pegs Hozelock Universal Pipe Pegs

Hozelock Universal Elbow - RRP £6.39 (2 pack)

Hozelock Elbow Connector Hozelock Universal Elbow Connector

Hozelock Universal T-Connection - RRP £6.39 (2 pack)

Hozelock T-Connector Hozelock T-Connector

Hozelock Universal Joiner - RRP £6.39 (2 pack)

Hozelock Universal Joiner Hozelock Universal Joiner

Hozelock Universal End Plug - RRP £6.39 (2 pack)

Hozelock End Plug Hozelock End Plug

Hozelock EasyDrip Universal Kit - RRP £44.99

The EasyDrip Universal Kit makes installing a new watering system easy and affordable. With enough components to water up to 10m², it is easy enough to extend with the purchase of additional components. This kit is packed in a handy plastic tub for easy storage and includes a pressure reducer, 15 metres of flexible supply pipe (13mm), 10 Universal Drippers, 5 sealing clips, 2 end plugs, 1 straight connector and 1 t-piece.

Hozelock EasyDrip Universal Kit

Hozelock EasyDrip Micro Kit - RRP £32.99

Like the EasyDrip Universal kit, this comes packed in a convenient plastic tub for easy storage and comes with enough components to water 15 pots. The kit comes with a pressure reducer, 15 metres of microtube (4mm), 15 Micro Drippers on stakes and 14 t-pieces. This kit is also easy to install and can be extended to meet watering requirements with the addition of extra components.

Hozelock EasyDrip Micro Kit
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