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Brand New! Claber Aqua-Magic Irrigation System

Brand New! Claber Aqua-Magic Irrigation System

Brand New Claber Aqua-Magic Irrigation System

Hello fellow gardeners. We have great news today. Claber have released the much anticipated Aqua-Magic system. Designed to offer convenient drip irrigation to remote areas in the garden with the use of a solar powered pump. The Aqua-Magic irrigation system works with any existing water butts or containers without the need to connect to a electrical supply or mains water supply. Claber have also made an easy to assemble water tank to accompany the Aqua-Magic system.

Patio Garden Irrigation

With an integral timer, you can set the watering system to automatically water up to 20 plants whilst on holiday, just like any other automatic watering system. This is a great irrigation system for watering patios, greenhouses, hanging baskets, small vegetable patches and especially allotments.

Greenhouse Irrigation

Hanging Basket Irrigation

This versatile irrigation device will revolutionise the way we irrigate making it easy to water those precious plants in remote areas of the garden using the green energy of the sun and harvested rain water.

In the Claber Aqua-Magic Irrigation System package, you will find everything you need to set up your drip irrigation system right away:

1 x Aqua-Magic timer
1 x wall bracket with screws and plugs
1 x 1/4” filter
1 x non-return valve
6 x 3-way couplings
6 x end-of-line plugs
20 x drippers
20 x stakes
20 m of 1/4” feeding tube

Claber Aqua-Magic Components

Claber Aqua-Magic Irrigation System and Tank

Aqua-Magic System works with any standard water recipient, meaning you can use a tank you already have, or take advantage of the practical Aqua-Magic Tank*.
Claber really overlooks no detail, designing a sturdy yet elegant tank to suit the style of any terrace.
Aqua-Magic Tank can be folded up quickly, taking up very little space and making it ideal to transport or store over winter.

*Aqua-Magic Tank is sold separately.

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