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Brand New! Claber Aqua-Magic Irrigation System

Posted by Sean on

Brand New Claber Aqua-Magic Irrigation System

Hello fellow gardeners. We have great news today. Claber has released the much anticipated Aqua-Magic system. Designed to offer convenient drip irrigation to remote areas in the garden with the use of a solar powered pump. The Aqua-Magic irrigation system works with any existing water butts or containers without the need to connect to an electrical supply or mains water supply. Claber has also made an easy to assemble water tank to accompany the Aqua-Magic system.

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Brand New Claber Drip Irrigation Kits

Posted by Sean on

New Claber Drip Irrigation Kits

This year has seen some great new products launched from the likes of Hozelock, Rain Bird and Claber. Claber recently launched the Hydro 4 Solenoid Valve Box, something we wrote about here, and Hozelock updated their range of automatic watering kits. Hozelock isn't the only manufacturer to have released something new in the drip irrigation space. Claber has now released two new kits to extend their range of drip irrigation systems. Each kit has been designed for specific areas in the garden, rather than being a general, all-purpose kit. They both retail for roughly the same price and have a huge parts list making them good value for money. They promise to be comprehensive starter kits that can feed up to 60 plants, but will they live up to our high expectations? Let's find out.

Claber Terrazzo Drip Irrigation Kit

We've started off with the cheaper of the two kits (RRP £77.49) that provides watering for up to 50 plants through the use of drip emitters. The drip emitters are adjustable (0-10 LPH) allowing for precise watering for individual plants needs. This kit is for use on terraces and patio areas providing water for potted plants.

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Claber Hydro 4 System - Hands on with Claber's latest innovation

Posted by Sean on

[Update: 18.03.2015] The New Claber Hydro 4 Solenoid Valve Box is now in stock.

Today we met up with Claber sales rep Ian to discuss their latest products and for a general catch up over a tasty bacon sandwich and a cup of coffee in the cafe just around the corner from our warehouse. Sat down in the marina cafe, we had our usual chit chat, "How's business?", "Are you planning any holidays this year?" etc. etc. Soon enough we got to the nitty gritty of our meeting to discuss the much anticipated Claber Hydro 4.

We've been really excited to get our hands on Claber's latest product, the Hydro 4 Solenoid & Valve Box as it ticks so many boxes for us and our customers. It's a group of 4 solenoids and an irrigation controller all pre-assembled into a compact valve box making installation extremely simple and very fast. The unit can manage up to 4 irrigation zones for watering lawns, flower beds and vegetable patches. We've been crying out for something like this for ages! Finally Claber delivered the goods.

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