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Micro Jet and Micro Spray Systems

The experts at Easy Garden Irrigation have developed a choice of Micro Jet and Micro Spray systems, making installing a watering system for your garden quick and easy. Micro Jets and Sprays deliver a fine spray of water over an area of up to two metres radius, making them ideal for covering small areas of plants. Because they cover small areas (rather than individual plants), micro jet and spray systems are quicker to install and can be much more cost effective compared to installing drip irrigation systems. These are best used in large flower beds and borders, vegetable patches, nurseries and greenhouses.

The kits that we have created use the very best components, and everything needed to get up and running is included. Use in conjunction with a water timer to completely automate the watering system, perfect for holidays and busy lives. If you need help planning, take a look at our guide to micro jets and sprays planning and installation. In the guide we talk you through everything you need to know about planning and installation.