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Micro Jets and Sprays Planning and Installation Guide

Are you looking for great advice for planning and installing micro jet and spray irrigation systems? Then look no further. Our team of experts have compiled a great step by step guide to the entire process of the planning and installation of micro jets and sprays. This guide will help you plan it right the first time.

Micro Jets and sprays are designed to deliver a fine spray of water over an area of up to 4 metres in diameter making them ideal for covering small areas of plants quickly and easily. Although not as efficient at distributing water as a drip irrigation system, micro jets and sprays still offer a huge benefit in reduced installation time and cost for parts. 

In this guide you will find:

  • An explanation of Micro Jet and Spray Systems.
  • How to start planning your system.
  • The different types of micro jets and sprays available.
  • Planning the pipe network.
  • Building a shopping list of components.
  • Sample shopping lists based on real life scenarios.
  • Installation of Micro Jet and Spray Systems.