Drip irrigation systems are extremely efficient in distributing water to plants, and only deliver the exact amount of water required to make your plants healthy. This means that wastage is kept to a minimum, and can result in reduced water bills. If you use a drip irrigation system in conjunction with a water timer, you can leave it for weeks at a time to automatically feed your plants daily. No wonder these types of systems are becoming so popular worldwide.

But lots of people always ask, "How do you plan and install a drip irrigation system?
Where do I start?

We put our experts to the job of writing the most comprehensive guide for planning and installing drip irrigation systems, and they didn't disappoint. In this guide you will learn from the experts everything you need to know to plan and install a drip irrigation system of your own. Follow the step by step process, starting with effective planning, through to creating a shopping list and best practice installation methods.

In this guide you will find:

  • An explanation of Drip Irrigation
  • How to start planning your system.
  • The different types of drip emitters used in drip irrigation.
  • Planning the pipe network.
  • Building a shopping list of components.
  • Sample shopping lists based on real life scenarios.
  • Installation of Drip Irrigation Systems.