Drip Line Fittings 14mm DB End Plug 14mm (Brown) Suits Drip Line - 2 Pack

DB End Plug 14mm (Brown) Suits Drip Line - 2 Pack


Product Info

The stop end connector is used to terminate runs of 14mm drip line. Needed in garden watering systems to prevent water escaping from the end of pipelines and to ensure the watering system works properly. Made from UV stable material to ensure a long life in the sun. To fit, simply push 14mm drip line over the tapered barbs on the fitting.

The double barb feature of these fittings ensures high retention for long-term reliability. Great for contractors wanting to reduce callbacks to client projects. These are great to use in conjunction with the 14mm drip line ratchet clamps for even more reliability.

Product Details:

  • Stop end for 13mm irrigation supply pipe.
  • Fits 14mm drip line.
  • Sold in packs of 2.
  • Double tapered/barbed fittings for ease of installation and reliability.
  • Made from UV stable material for long life.
  • Range suits common European and International tube sizes.

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