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Drip Irrigation System - 25 Adjustable Dripper

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We've used our wealth of knowledge to create the perfect drip irrigation kits to get you up and running quickly with an irrigation system of your own. The Drip Irrigation Kit with 25 adjustable drippers is a comprehensive kit that includes all the parts needed to install a drip irrigation system for up to 25 plant containers or 12.5 metres of hedging/flower border. Once installed, the drip system will provide water that is necessary for your plants to grow lush and healthy, and free your spare time for leisure and relaxation. Use in conjunction with a water timer to completely automate the watering system, perfect for holidays and busy lives. These are ideal for borders and flower beds, hedgerows, vegetable patches, greenhouses, hanging baskets and plants in containers. Each drip emitter has an adjustable output ranging from 0.5 litres - 40 litres per hour and a coverage of up to 30cm radius.

Product Summary

This kit can provide precise watering for:

  • 25 Containers.
  • 12.5m of Hedge.
  • 6m x 2m of Border.
  • 15 x Adjustable Dripper Spikes
  • 10 x Adjustable Dripper In-Line Spikes
  • 1 x Professional Pressure Reducer 175 kPa
  • 1x Nut and Tail Tap Adaptor - 13mm
  • 1 x T Connector
  • 2 x Elbow Connector
  • 2 x Stop End
  • 5 x Supply Pipe Hold Down Stake 13mm
  • 1 x 15 Metre Irrigation Supply Pipe - 13mm
  • 1 x Micro Supply Pipe 10 Metre - 4mm
  • 10 x Micro Blanking Plugs
  • 5 x Supply Pipe Nail in Wall Clip 13mm
  • 5 x Micro Pipe Nail in Wall Clips 4mm
  • 2 x Micro T Connectors 4mm
  • 1 x Key Punch

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