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WaterMate Pro Automatic Greenhouse & Polytunnel Watering Kit

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The WaterMate Pro automatic watering system made by Harvst is a complete irrigation kit for greenhouses up to 12ft x 18ft, or polytunnels up to 40m². Its smart controller allows you to schedule watering and uses environmental sensors to give your plants just the right amount of water.

Your choice of power supply; choose from either a 100% solar-powered model, allowing you to set this up anywhere, or choose a 240v mains powered model.

Your choice of water source; choose a pressurised, high-flow off-grid pump system that can run from a water tank, or choose to connect to a garden tap via a garden hose.

Optional upgrades include a soil moisture sensor, humidity sensor and a control unit mounting kit.

Delivery of this item is delayed. Expect delivery within 10-14 days of placing an order.

Product Details:

  • Smart Controller allows for more water on hot, sunny days; less water when it's cool or overcast.
  • Compatible with Harvst soil moisture sensors and humidity sensors.
  • Dual-zone for versatility and extra capacity.
  • Pump system option which can run from a water butt or tank.
  • Option to connect to a garden tap via a garden hose.
  • Solar-powered or mains-powered options.
  • WiFi-enabled (will run without internet too).
  • Receive SMS and email alerts*.
  • Supports up to 120 drippers (120 plants), or 40 micro jet sprays for 40 metres squared coverage.
  • Pro model also supports the use of a soaker hose or dripline.

*WiFi connection required for SMS and email alerts.

Q: Why choose solar power?

If you don't have mains electricity in your greenhouse or polytunnel, with WaterMate you can still have powerful automatic watering. The battery is charged by a small solar panel which should be mounted outside to catch the most sun. Up to 10 minutes of watering time is possible per day in the summer (5 minutes most at one time).

Supplied with 3m of cable.

Q: Why choose mains power?

If you have 240v power, we recommend you use the mains version. You will be able to water for longer periods (if required, the pump can deliver plenty of water in just a couple of minutes), and won't be limited by darker days in winter. You will be able to add more pumps/misters or even their LED grow lights, heated seed trays for propagation, or heater cables.

The power supply comes with 5m of mains flex cable.

Q: Do I need a pump if I plan to run from a water butt or water tank?

Yes, you will need a pump to pressurise the water to ensure the water travels around the pipework and sprays/drips as expected. If you wanted to use gravity, you would need to elevate the water butt/tank 10m above ground level to ensure we have enough pressure... this isn't feasible for most people, so we suggest using a pump.

Q: Can I extend the greenhouse watering kit?

It is possible to extend the kit, but the pump that comes with the pro watering kit can only support up to 120 drippers or 40 micro sprays. Do not over-extend the system, otherwise, you will see a drop in performance.

  • WaterMate control unit (approx 190mm x 120mm x 45mm)
  • Solar panel or power supply.
  • 12 litre/min inline pump with inlet filter (pump option only)
  • An air temperature sensor.
  • Dual electric 12v solenoid valves.
  • 6m of 13mm braided hose for connecting the pump.
  • 20m of 13mm LDPE irrigation supply pipe.
  • A selection of joints and pipe fittings.
  • 20m of 4mm micro irrigation pipe.
  • 24 x pressure compensated drippers (4 litres per hour) and ground stakes.
  • 12 x 4mm hose adapters.
  • 10 x 360° micro sprays covering 1m2 each.
  • 10 x 180° micro sprays covering 1m2 each.
  • Choose from greenhouse or polytunnel fixings
  • Web app for Android and iPhone.