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Brand New Claber Drip Irrigation Kits

Brand New Claber Drip Irrigation Kits

This year has seen some great new products launched from the likes of Hozelock, Rain Bird and Claber. Claber recently launched the Hydro 4 Solenoid Valve Box, something we wrote about here, and Hozelock updated their range of automatic watering kits. Hozelock isn't the only manufacturer to have released something new in the drip irrigation space. Claber has now released two new kits to extend their range of drip irrigation systems. Each kit has been designed for specific areas in the garden, rather than being a general, all-purpose kit. The new drip kits are a massive step up from anything we've seen before from the large irrigation brands. Both kits retail for roughly the same price and have a huge parts list making them great value for money. They promise to be comprehensive starter kits that can feed up to 60 plants, but will they live up to our high expectations? Let's find out.

Claber Terrazzo Drip Irrigation Kit

We've started off with the cheaper of the two drip irrigation kits (RRP £89.99) that provides watering for up to 50 plants through the use of drip emitters. The drip emitters are adjustable (0-10 LPH) allowing for precise watering for individual plants needs. This kit has been designed for use on terraces and patio areas providing water for potted plants, but it could easily be used elsewhere in the garden too. It comes with 25 metres of supply pipe which should be more than enough for a medium sized patio/terrace area. It utilises a mix of 13mm supply pipe that acts as the main carrier of water, and 4mm micro pipe to feed the potted plants. The fittings are made from high-quality plastic, and you get plenty of components to customise your system to the specific needs of your garden.

New Claber Terrazzo Drip Kit

We're pleased to say this kit is straight forward to install, comes with great instructions and is made up of good quality parts. However, unlike the Hozelock watering kits, it doesn't come with a water timer (the same goes for the Claber Orto Drip Kit). The water timers are available to buy separately, but it would have been nice to have one included in the price. You can extend this kit with the purchase of additional parts, all available to buy from our online store.

Component List

  • Tap Adaptor with quick click connection.
  • 25 metres of 13mm supply pipe.
  • Flow control valve.
  • 5 x 13mm elbows.
  • 15 x reducing tee's.
  • A stop end.
  • 25 metres of 4mm micro supply pipe.
  • 50 x 4mm pipe stakes.
  • 30 x inline drip emitters.
  • 20 x end of line drip emitters.

Claber Orto Drip Irrigation Kit

The Claber Orto Drip Kit is the more expensive of the two new kits (RRP £114.99) and provides watering for up to 60 plants. This kit has been designed for use in vegetable patches and comes with a total of 60 drip emitter. 20 of the adjustable drip emitters that have a higher flow rate (0-40 LPH) than the drippers supplied with the Terrazzo drip kit. The adjustable drippers have a larger spread of water which helps encourage stable growth for plants/crops. It also comes with 40 of the same drip emitters found in the first kit mentioned (adjustable through 0-10 LPH). This kit is supplied with 25 metres of 13mm supply pipe and a range of fittings to navigate the pipe around the garden. The drip emitters fit directly into the main supply pipe, unlike the Terrazzo kit that utilises both the main and micro supply pipe.

New Claber Orto Drip Kit

This kit is also straightforward to install and comes with a great set of instructions to get you up and running in next to no time. Again, this kit isn't supplied with a water timer but you can easily add one to automate the watering as you see fit. It's great to see a kit specifically designed for watering vegetable patches, and the parts included are perfect for this application. This kit can be extended for watering larger areas by purchasing extra parts as required. 

Component List

  • Tap Adaptor with quick click connection.
  • 25 metres of 13mm supply pipe.
  • 6 x flow control valves.
  • 7 x 13mm elbows.
  • 11 x reducing tee's.
  • 10 x micro blanking plugs.
  • 12 x stop ends.
  • An irrigation punch tool.
  • 35 x 13mm pipe stakes.
  • 20 x high flow drip emitters.
  • 40 x end of line drip emitters.


 All in all, we're impressed with the two kits Claber have added to their range of drip irrigation systems. It's great to see kits designed for specific areas rather than having general kits. High-quality parts are included with both, and plenty of components for customisation. We have these items in stock, we just need to get the product listings published and they'll be available to buy. It's a shame that the two kits don't include a water timer as standard.. Perhaps we could try and convince the guys at Claber to discount some water timers to sell with these kits. Watch this space.

[Update: We've been able to convince Claber to discount the Claber Pratico Water Timer to give away with these kits. We plan to offer the water timer as an optional extra at a discounted price when buying either of the new kits.]

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Simon - April 24, 2015

Nice review. Hope the timer activity helps!

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