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Hozelock's Latest Range of Automatic Watering Kits

Hozelock's Latest Range of Automatic Watering Kits

Over the past few years Hozelock have been releasing lots of updates to its existing product range and adding new innovations for watering the garden. These include Hozelock's Flexi Spray Pistol, winner of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show's product of the year, the Hozelock AquaDeco Watering Globe and Hozelock's Growbag Waterer, along with a many others.

Hozelock Innovations

One of the product ranges that has been lacking an update is the Hozelock automatic watering kits (AKA the drip irrigation kits). The range consisted of the Hozelock Automatic Watering Kit Deluxe, its top of the range automatic watering kit that included a water timer, the Hozelock Maxi Watering Kit and the Hozelock Mini Watering Kit. These have been the same for as long as I've been working in the industry (7 years) with no update other than a refresh in the packaging design to match their re-branding back in 2012.

It's all changed now though. Hozelock have totally revamped their range of automatic watering kits, and we're one of the first to get our hands on them. Let's waste no more time and dive into the details.

The New Hozelock Automatic Watering Kits

The new range of Hozelock automatic watering kits consists of 3 new products, and the original Hozelock Automatic Watering Deluxe Kit. Each kit comes with a water timer, perfect for holiday watering and for freeing up time on a daily basis. They have used our favourite dripper, the Asta stake pressure compensating dripper 4 lph (the same used in our very own drip irrigation kits) designed to be securely placed and discreet. Each kit comes with all fittings required for completing installation and a comprehensive set of instructions to guide you through setup quickly and easily. Install one of these Hozelock automatic watering systems and you can rest assured you will save time, save water and have healthy plants all year round.

Hozelock 15 Pot Watering Kit - 2802

This is the entry level drip irrigation kit on offer in the new range. It provides watering for up to 15 plants, but can be extended easily like all the other watering kits with additional parts. It comes with a mechanical water timer, a cheap and cheerful device that allows you to set how long you want your watering system to run for. This is the only watering kit in the range that doesn't come with a timer that is suitable for holiday watering as the mechanical water timer has to be set each day for the desired duration, similar to setting an egg timer. If we're honest, this isn't a water timer we would pick for a watering system. We will say, however, this kit is a superb entry-level system at a great price (RRP £34.99).

Hozelock 20 Pot Watering Kit - 2803

The 20 pot version is the next model up, and as you guessed, it provides watering for 20 plants. This can easily be extended with additional parts. This kit comes with the Hozelock AC1 water timer, the entry-level model that allows for simple programming of daily watering. Ideal for a cost effective setup for holiday watering or daily automatic watering to free up time for leisure. Again, it comes with all the fittings and adaptors needed to install a complete drip system quickly and easily. With an RRP £49.99, this kit ticks all the boxes for an affordable, fully automatic watering system. The timer alone retails for £30.99, and the additional parts if bought separately would total to over £49.99, so this kit offers a great discount.

Hozelock 25 Pot Watering Kit - 2804

This replaces the Hozelock Deluxe automatic watering kit as the top model in the automatic watering systems range and provides watering for up to 25 plants (extendable). It comes with the popular Hozelock AC Plus water timer and all the fittings required to install a fully automatic drip irrigation system for your garden. Similar to the Hozelock Deluxe auto watering kit, this features 13mm supply pipe as the main carrier of water and 4mm pipe for offshoots to each dripper. This is our preferred method of installation as it allows for larger systems to be created without any problems with water flow or drop in pressure. This kit has an RRP £74.99 making it the most expensive kit in the range, but you do get more for your money making it a good value choice.

Quick Summary

In summary, we're pleased Hozelock have refreshed their range of automatic watering kits. They're now using the best pressure compensating drippers, include a water timer with every kit, and provide a good range of affordable options for the money conscious gardener. All of these kits will help gardeners save time, water and can be easily set-up in next to no time. Each kit can be extended with additional parts, but you should be choosing the larger kits if watering over 20 plants. Its a thumbs up from us.

All of these kits are now in stock and available to buy today through our website. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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