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Make watering your garden a breeze with a Hozelock water timer. Our comprehensive buyer's guide will help you find the perfect water timer to suit your gardening needs.

Welcome to Easy Garden Irrigation, your trusted source for Hozelock watering products. We pride ourselves on offering an extensive collection of high-quality and reliable Hozelock water timers that are designed to make watering your garden efficient and effortless. Our team has hand-picked our favourite Hozelock water timers below, each one featuring durable construction, user-friendly operation, and affordable pricing. Whether you have a small patio garden or an extensive landscape, our selection of water timers is sure to help you achieve a lush, healthy garden that will thrive for years to come.

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Hozelock water timers

Each gardener's ambition is to sustain a green and flourishing garden, but ensuring that your garden stays hydrated and healthy, especially in the hottest months of the year, can be a challenge. Automatic watering systems and their water timers are the perfect solutions to watering your garden in the most regulated, consistent, and efficient way possible.

Want to know more about automatic watering kits and systems? See our Hozelock guide to automatic watering here.

Water timers turn the water on and off for you - an essential function if you regularly spend long periods of time away from your garden or if you go away on holiday. They are either simple or feature more sophisticated designs. For example, the newest range of Hozelock water timers use high-tech sensors and digital screens that can be programmed to take care of all your watering duties.

Hozelock is a leading brand, trusted by gardeners all over the UK. They produce high-quality and reliable gardening products, from garden hoses to watering systems. Their water timers range from straightforward and simple designs, such as mechanical water timers, to ones that are more complex and able to run multiple water programs in a day, such as digital water timers.

Analogue vs Digital water timers

Analogue and digital water timers each have their own advantages and are offered within Hozelock's reliable water timer range. Analogue water timers are often easier to program, with one or two buttons or dials. Not much can go wrong with these durable controllers, and they are easy to use. Digital water timers are a little more complex, but they open up the possibilities of what can be achieved when you are away from your garden. You can set them like a digital alarm clock and program them with more specific and unique schedules to match your watering needs.

Easy Garden Irrigation’s top picks for Hozelock water timers

Best Hozelock digital water timer

Best Hozelock digital water timer

Our top pick for digital water timers is the newly released Hozelock Select Plus Controller available to buy now for £58.99 with a 2-year Hozelock guarantee. This innovative and automatic controller features an LCD display with a rotary push-button, allowing you to schedule up to three watering programs a day and set the desired time, days, and watering duration (between 1 minute up to 199 minutes).

Other beneficial features include the rain delay function, allowing you to pause watering based on the weather forecast (for up to seven days) and the Water Now function which bypasses any set programs to give your garden some extra hydration instantly.

For more information on all Hozelock Select Plus Controller's features, watch this video.

The primary advantage of the Hozelock digital timer lies in its precision and flexibility in scheduling, particularly in comparison to other water timers equipped with pre-set programs. It allows you to customise the watering start time, duration, and frequency according to your preferences.

Pre-set programs in other analogue Hozelock water timers offer a decent range of options and adaptability, making them suitable for beginners or amateur gardeners. For more serious gardeners, the Hozelock Select Plus Controller serves as the ultimate timer, catering to all their unique watering requirements.

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Best Hozelock water timer for beginners

Best Hozelock water timer for beginners

While the abundance of choice and control in a digital timer can be perfect for professionals, it may not suit the needs of every gardener. The best water timers for amateurs should offer plenty of options for a growing and changing garden while remaining fairly straightforward and easy to understand.

The Hozelock Select Controller is the perfect Hozelock water timer for beginners as it is easy to use with one simple dial, battery-powered, and sold at a more affordable price of £42.99. Despite its simplicity, you are still offered an astounding 16 pre-set programmes that allow you to choose between 2 to 60 minute watering durations and with schedules ranging from once per week to up to four times a day.

Additionally, the Hozelock Select Controller features a "Water Now" function, enabling immediate watering with an automatic shut-off after one hour. This is particularly useful when using a sprinkler.

Like other Hozelock water timers, it incorporates a built-in safety mechanism to detect low battery levels, preventing the controller from failing open and potentially flooding your garden. It is compatible with most garden taps and comes with adapters for 1/2", 3/4", and 1" BSP threads. This user-friendly Hozelock water timer is an ideal choice for any automatic watering system or garden sprinkler.

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Best Hozelock water timers with daylight sensors

Best Hozelock water timers with daylight sensors

Analogue water timers also use high-tech and innovative features to make watering your garden a breeze. The Hozelock Sensor Controller, which you can buy now for £45.99, is perfect for gardeners who would like to benefit from automatic watering without the hassle of programming water timers as the seasons change. The Hozelock Sensor Controller operates using an advanced daylight sensor that automatically adjusts your watering schedule to start at sunrise and sunset, the ideal times to schedule your system to ensure maximum efficiency and best results.

Using the single dial, you can easily select or adjust your preferred watering duration (from 2 to 60 minutes). Should you desire to water your garden at any point during the day, you can simply push the "Water Now" button.

The Hozelock Sensor Controller is easy to fit onto standard garden taps, supplied with adaptors that fit 1/2", 3/4" and 1" BSP threads. Like all the other Hozelock water timers, this controller can be used with water butts and features a built-in battery safety that prevents the water timer from causing a flood in your garden.

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Best premium Hozelock water timer

The Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus is a premium water timer that lets you get the most out of your automatic watering system. This electronic controller includes all of the best features found in other Hozelock water timers, such as the daylight sensor, the Water Now function, and the fully adjustable water schedules. You can buy the Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus now for £59.99.

This smart controller presents an advanced design with two dials that allow you to choose your desired watering duration, from two to 60 minutes, and the watering frequency that can be set for every day, every two days, three days, five days, or seven days.

Effective watering is made easy with the Hozelock Sensor Controller Plus, a quick and simple installation, the supplied adaptors and BSP threads, its daylight sensor, and its built-in battery fail-safe.

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Best Hozelock simple water timer

Best Hozelock simple water timer

If you are looking for something more straightforward, we suggest the Hozelock Mechanical Water Timer, which is as easy to use as an egg timer. This simple water timer is easily set with a quick twist of the dial and can water for up to 120 minutes. You can buy the Hozelock Mechanical Water Timer at a much more cost-effective price of £18.99, and because of its mechanical, clockwork operation, it doesn't require any batteries! This water timer is perfect for gardeners who want to avoid over-watering their lawns or who would like to avoid any complex programming.

Nonetheless, the Hozelock Mechanical Water Timer boasts remarkable versatility, accommodating both low-pressure and high-pressure systems, including micro-irrigation setups and garden sprinklers with pressures up to 10 bar.

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Easy Garden Irrigation Recommends:

Best Hozelock water timer for a garden on a budget

For a low-cost automatic watering timer, we would suggest the Hozelock Select Controller. It is the least expensive Hozelock water timer that can provide automatic daily watering, available at a price of £45.99. The Hozelock Mechanical Controller is even cheaper at only £17.99, but does not offer automatic watering and is not suitable for keeping your garden watered when away on holiday.

In Stock

Hozelock Select Controller - 2220

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Original price £69.49
Original price £69.49 - Original price £69.49
Original price £69.49
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Current price £46.99

Best Hozelock water timer for large gardens

It's best to have a battery-powered controller with advanced scheduling for watering more extensive gardens or complex layouts. We recommend the Hozelock Select Controller Plus, which allows you to modify watering based on your unique garden.

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Hozelock Select Plus Controller - 2224

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Original price £86.99
Original price £86.99 - Original price £86.99
Original price £86.99
Current price £59.99
£59.99 - £59.99
Current price £59.99

Best eco-friendly Hozelock water timer

For eco-friendly Hozelock water timers, we suggest either the Hozelock Mechanical Water Timer, which will keep you from over-watering and wasting water, or a Hozelock Sensor Controller that will ensure you water at optimal times to avoid water evaporation.

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Hozelock Mechanical Water Timer - 2210

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Original price £29.99
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Original price £29.99
Current price £18.99
£18.99 - £18.99
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